Trucking Permits
Do I need an IFTA license?
Yes, if an interstate motor carrier operating “qualified motor vehicles” between at least 2 member jurisdictions* must have an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license and decals issued by their base jurisdiction.
What miles are considered as non-taxable?
Fuel trip permit miles are not taxable miles in any jurisdiction. You must include fuel permit miles in your return’s total miles section, however, do not include them in the taxable miles for the jurisdiction that issued your permit.
Toll miles are taxable miles; toll fees are not fuel taxes. They are fees in exchange for the opportunity to use a toll road.
If I have an IFTA license and own both a diesel and gasoline unit, do I have to file a tax return on both fuel types?
Yes, you must file a separate tax return each. These returns are filed quarterly calendar for each fuel type indicated on your initial or renewal application even when no miles were accrued that quarter.
What is my base jurisdiction for IFTA licensing?
Where your “qualified motor vehicles” are based for vehicle registration purposes and where the operational control and operational records of the licensee’s “qualified motor vehicles” are maintained.
Do I have to file the quarterly IFTA fuel tax returns?
Yes. A quarterly return must be filed even if you had no activity for the quarter.

Tax Return Reporting Quarters Due Dates
January thru March
April 30
April thru June
July 31
July thru September
October 31
October thru December
January 31
If I add another truck to my fleet will this require an additional decal? What should I do?
Yes, Orlando Tax Master will facilitate the necessary forms, once processed, the additional decal will be sent to your address on record.
If I fail to file or fail to file an IFTA fuel tax return on a timely manner, am I subject to any interest or penalties?
Yes. A late payment penalty in the amount of $50 or 10 percent of the tax due, or whichever is greater according to the IFTA Articles of Agreement.
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