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Can I receive a tax refund if I am currently making payments under an installment agreement for a prior year's taxes?
No. As a condition of your installment agreement, any refund due to you in a future year will be applied against the amount that you owe currently.
What happens if I made a mistake upon filing my federal tax return?
Orlando Tax Master will evaluate the matter at hand and find out what the necessary requirements would be in order to correct your already filed federal tax return. You may be offered the following types of solutions:
• If a required schedule was not filed, Orlando Tax Master will serve as a liaison with the Internal Revenue Service for the missing information.
• Amendments for income that was never reported or if a credit was not claimed. Orlando Tax Master will file the correction to amend your U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.
If I have already claimed my son as a dependent because he is a full time college student, can he claim his own personal exemption when he files a return?
No, he cannot claim his own personal exemption on his income tax return.
What type of aid can be offered regarding tax debt, delinquent tax problems, disputes and back taxes?
Hire the professionals at Orlando Tax Master for your own protection against any IRS issues pertaining to your Federal tax return. Avoid any further tax trouble, additional penalties, interest or late fees and take the first step in resolving your federal tax or state tax problems today.
How can I get help understanding a notice?
After receiving your letter from Internal Revenue Service, immediately call Orlando Tax Master, they will have you go over the information on the phone, but will most likely ask you to fax or email the information.
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