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How do I determine my long-term financial goals?
The first step is to decide what you realistically want to achieve financially. Financial goals might include: early retirement, and securing your family’s financial independence upon a possible unplanned tragedy.
What is my filing status?
Single, Married filing jointly, married filing separately, Head of household, or Qualifying Widow (er).
Can a court order determine who may claim a dependency exemption for a child? Does the court order supersede the requirements under Federal Tax loan for a child?
A court order cannot determine who may claim a dependency exemption for a child. A court order cannot supersede the Federal Tax Law.
I have heard that tax planning and preparation should be considered as an investment, is this true?
Yes, planning or preparing for taxes is an essential component when it comes towards your present and future planning. At Orlando Tax Master, we review your portfolio and consider the impact of taxes and how we can assist you achieve your investment goals.
How does tax planning help me save money?
Effective tax planning cannot only help you save money. At Orlando Tax Master, we assist you fine-tune your investment strategy. We have implemented tools and information to complete your taxes accurately and save you time.
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